find event ideas that work.

Gigzolo helps marketers discover experiences and vendors proven to work for their audience and goals.
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Discover proven event strategies for your audience and goals

Gigzolo's Event Strategy Concierge™ analyzes more than 14,000 past events to see what works for your audience (Virtual Reality Booth? Awesome DJ? Interactive Sushi Class?) then recommends results-focused, pre-vetted vendors to execute your vision.

Uncover how each strategy works, and why.

Gigzolo's proprietary audience and goal fit scores help you grasp how each strategy will work for your event, and how well it's worked for others in the past.

All the details at your fingertips

Discover strategies that fit your budget and group size before sending ideas to your clients. View testimonials, commentary, and case studies from other marketers and industry-leading publications.

16,000 Vetted Vendors, Nationwide.

Gigzolo works with the events community, its curation partners, and other respected vendors to find new, innovative acts and experiences to review.

Our national network of curators vets each of these referrals one-by-one, in order to find vendors best fit for professional marketing events.

We contact vendors' professional references and offer a small portion of referrals a live viewing date when necessary.

Less than 9% of vendors are selected for Gigzolo.

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